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How to apply for the library card?

  1. If you are the citizen of Republic of China, please bring your original National ID Card or driving license to apply. You can bring the original of your household registration for applying if you don’t have a national ID.
  2. If you have Taichung Public Library personal library card, you don't need to apply for our library card.
  3.  If children under 12 would like to apply for the library card, one of their parents or their statutory guardian needs to bring their original identity document and the household registration to apply for it on behalf of them.
  4. Foreign nationals and Overseas Chinese should bring their original passport or residence permit, and people from Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China should bring their original exit permit of Exit & Entry Permit Taiwan. Republic of China for applying the library card. In principle, the service life of the library card is limited to the limit of one's stay in Taiwan. However, Library card applied by passport or Entry/Exit Permit must be renewed every year from the issue date. 
  5. In principle, readers should apply for the personal library card by their own. Reader can entrust spouse, first, second and third Degree Relatives to apply the library card with a letter of authorization and the original of their and the reader's identity document.
  6. Disabled people should show a letter of authorization, the original of the Disability Card, and the original of trustee's identity document if they entrust non-relatives to apply for the library card for them. Disabled people can also send a copy of their Disability Card and image file via mail or email for applying.
  7. New, replacement, or re-issuance of RFID smart library cards can be applied for following the same regulations as for library card applications. Matters related to deposits, refunds, card damage, and loss of the above-mentioned tickets will be handled according to the regulations of each issuing institution.