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What are the themes of books available in the Senior Area?

Collections in the Senior Area are classified based on compulsory subjects in life, interests/elective subjects, contributions to the society, and self-fulfillment. The Collections in the Senior Area are themed on
  1. Financial Management, Life Laws, Health Care (including Medical Care), Life Education, Family Relations (including relationships between Generations), Computer Network (including Digital Resources), End-of-Life Nursing Education,
  2. Leisure and Tourism (including Gardening and Archiving), language learning, music, drama, calligraphy and painting, cooking (including food tasting), handcraft and art (including sculpture and home design), and literature, history, and philosophy (including novels),
  3. Volunteers and Educators (including Social Participation and Retirement Planning),
  4. Life stories and biographies, spiritual and religious studies. There is also a Large Print Book Area. Most of the books are available for borrowing. Readers can borrow books via the self-service borrowing machines at the entrance of the Senior Area.