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e-Book Online Service has been launched by National Library of Public Information. Do I need to register for use? Can I borrow the materials in it if I am in another county and city?

The URL of e-Book Online Service in our library is
Please register on e-Book Online Service if you use it first. Only the readers (with library cards) of public libraries nationwide can use e-Book Online Service. The path is: Official Website→Digital Resources→e-Book Online Service→Join Members→select the library which you belong to and enter Reader ID and Password according to the instruction.
Readers should first register, before they can log in and use this Service. Readers can use browse, reward, and borrow e-books online. Readers can enjoy the convenience of borrowing books without going to the library!
If you still have problems, please call Tel (04) 2262-5100 ext. 123, and our librarian will explain what you need to know.