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Do I need to apply for a “Discussion Room” in the main library if I would like to use it?

You can use our Discussion Rooms after your request has been approved. The following conditions and process apply:
  1. Children under 12 are not allowed to make a reservation for a Discussion Room, and they should be companied by one of their parents when using it.
  2. If you have a library card from our library or an allied library, you can reserve through the link of <a href="">Reservation System for seats</a> or register on the scene for Discussion Room. The borrowing time is 3 hours each time, and each person can only use a Discussion Room one time per day.
  3. If you make a reservation in advance, please present, within the first 30 minutes of the booked time, the library card from the person that made the reservation, to change the access card at the service counter on the third or fifth floor in our library.
  4. People who register and line up on the spot have to finish checking in within 20 minutes from the beginning of the push notification, and they can start to use it accordingly. You will be forced to vacate the room when time is up.
  5. While using a Discussion Room, you have to keep the room clean and tidy, and use the euipment with care. If any equipment is broken, the borrower is responsible for compensation. Equipment from other spaces is not allowed to move in without our agreement.